Digital Teaching Aids FAQs

What is the purpose of Digital Teaching Aids?

The purpose of Digital Teaching Aids is to enhance teacher presentations in a classroom setting.

Are Digital Teaching Aids interactive?

DTAs are not interactive, but they have a combination of animations, videos, and static images.

How do I get Digital Teaching Aids?

You may purchase Digital Teaching Aids on the Abeka Book website. After your purchase, you can download the entire set for the textbook or lesson-by-lesson as needed. You don’t need an Internet connection to access your Teaching Aids once they’re downloaded.

How do I use a Digital Teaching Aid?

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to get started using your Digital Teaching Aids.

How do I put a Digital Teaching Aid on an iPad?

  1. Save the DTA to the computer using the MPA options provided by the Abeka website.
  2. Open iTunes on the computer and through the Menu, select Add File to Library.
  3. Find and select the DTA from where you saved it on your computer.  Then the DTA will be
    saved in Home Videos section of iTunes.
  4. Connect iPad and sync.

What’s included in my purchase?

Your purchase will include every Digital Teaching Aid corresponding to the textbook you’ve chosen. You can use your Digital Teaching Aids for any classroom application as many times in the years ahead as you’d like.

Will there be updates or additions after the initial release?

The Digital Teaching Aids will be as comprehensive as possible for each textbook upon release. Revised and expanded Digital Teaching Aids will be released with the corresponding revised textbook. When the textbook corresponding with the Digital Teaching Aid is revised, the Digital Teaching Aid will be removed from the digital downloads page.

Are Digital Teaching Aids cost-effective?

Your purchase of every Digital Teaching Aid for an entire textbook will cost a fraction of the price of a teacher’s edition.

What presentation software can I use with Digital Teaching Aids?

Digital Teaching Aids are broadly compatible with your favorite presentation software that supports .mov, .mp4, and .flv file formats, whether you’re running the software on a computer, tablet, or other mobile device.

What are the computer system recommendations for downloading Digital Teaching Aids?

Minimum system recommendations are a DSL Internet connection and an updated version of Internet Explorer (IE 10+), Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

What are the restricted uses of Digital Teaching Aids?

Commercial use
Electronic templates
Items for sale
Mobile app
Product packaging
Publishing/Public display
Sharing with colleagues or others

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