Admissions FAQs

Frequently asked questions related to programs offered and enrollment

What does Abeka Academy provide?

Accredited Program & Independent Study (Unaccredited) Program

What grades and courses do you offer?

We offer K4–12th grade. Visit Program Overview page to see specific course information.

What laws apply to home schooling in my state?

It is your responsibility to inform your local school district that your child will be enrolled in a home school environment and to comply with your state’s homeschooling requirements. More information is available at

Does Abeka Academy offer programs for schools?

Yes! Please see the Christian School Video Programs page.

Do we get to keep the DVDs?

Since the DVDs are leased (unconditional property of Abeka Academy), you'll need to return them. All the other materials are yours to keep.

How do I return the DVDs?

Abeka Academy has added a convenient feature for customers living in the U.S. and U.S. territories when returning DVDs. Follow the instructions below on printing a Return Label and simply place the package with the DVDs in the mailbox or drop it off at the local Post Office. (Please note: International customers will receive an invoice that should be attached to the package for Customs.)

To print your free, pre-paid, Return Service Label:

  1. Click on this Returns link.
  2. Choose the DVDs you’re returning and follow the steps to print your label.
  3. Keep the lower part of the printout for your records.
  4. If you can, get a receipt when you drop off the box for mailing. If the box or label doesn’t track correctly, your receipt will show when and where you dropped off the DVDs.

Who can be the student’s supervisor and what do they need to be able to do?

In the video program, the master teacher will provide the teaching expertise necessary for a quality learning program. A parent or a designated adult needs only to administer the material and grade the quizzes and tests using the included materials.

Does Abeka Academy have a statement of faith?

Yes, see our Statement of Faith.

What are the graduation requirements for an Abeka Academy student?

See the Graduation requirements page.

What will I need to view the videos?

For DVDs: A DVD player and viewing monitor such as a TV is required or a computer that will play DVDs.
If Streaming: See our system requirements.

How much of each day’s total classroom time is video instruction?

Approximately three hours of the total kindergarten and elementary classroom day is spent viewing videos. Most video teaching sessions are 15-20 minutes in length on the elementary level and 45 minutes in length on the secondary levels. These sessions are separated by time periods for lunch, physical education, recess or breaks, student seatwork, reading, and homework check.

Can a student take just one semester of a full-year course?

Yes, if only one-half credit is needed.