You can supervise and be involved in your child’s learning process at home. A manual with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions makes this possible. All necessary textbooks, workbooks, tests, keys, and videos needed for the course are provided, based on your program choice. Students provide their own Authorized King James Version Bible for Bible classes. Pensacola Christian Academy master teachers provide daily instruction on video. Video courses are designed for a 170-day school year. Courses are planned for school-aged children with minimal home supervision. The typical kindergarten day is 3 hours on video. Elementary students can expect to spend 3 hours a day on video plus independent work time. High school class time is based on 50 minutes of class time plus homework for each course.

Students of any race, color, or national origin who are academically qualified may apply for enrollment. Abeka Academy reserves the right to deny enrollment to any student who does not meet admission requirements.

Textbooks and workbooks, published by Abeka, an affiliate ministry of Pensacola Christian College, are coordinated with the video programs and included in the course of study based on your program choice. These Christian, character-building textbooks are researched, written, edited, and printed on the campus of Pensacola Christian College.